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The "Ask Us a Question" Feature FAQ

How much does it cost?

Why do you charge for this service?

How does it all work?

How many questions can I ask?

How long will I have to wait for my answer?

Is the service safe?

Can I access the service overseas?

How can I trust the answers are correct?

What if I want to disable my account?

What type of questions can I ask?

Tips to help you with your questions

Why do I only get three chances to rephrase my question?

What type of questions can I ask?

Q: How much does it cost?

Each question you ask will cost NZD$15.00 (NZD$17.25 including GST for those clients in New Zealand) and the fee will be debited from the credit card provided during the registration process. You only pay each time you use the service and there is no ongoing payment obligation.

Q: Why do you charge for this service?

All of the answers we provide can be found in various places online and are also available from Immigration New Zealand directly. The trouble is very few people know where to locate the correct information and there are too many people out there who claim to know what they are doing, but really don't. We will review your question thoroughly and then provide an accurate answer relevant to your circumstances. The fee we charge covers the time and energy we invest in finding the information for you, meaning you don't have to waste your own time searching!

Q: How does it all work?

Ask Us A Question is a simple web based system allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to 'ask us' an immigration related question. Unlike many web based services we don't rely on databases or automated responses to give you an answer. Your question will be reviewed and answered by one of our highly experienced, licensed advisors.

Whilst the internet is a very valuable source of information, there is often too much to sort through, and too many people who think they know the answer (but don't). Ask Us A Question cuts through all of that, saving you time and money as well as the potential danger of getting the wrong information.

Q: How many questions can I ask?

As many as you like! You only pay for each question as you ask it, so you are free to ask as many questions as you are prepared to pay for. It is important to remember however that immigration is a complex process, and if you wanted us to answer every question relating to lodging an application, then you may find the costs start to mount up. If you are interested in having professionals on board to manage your application from start to finish, you may wish to complete a full assessment of your situation or come and meet with one of our consultants for a one to one assessment. More information can be found on our website.

Q: How long will I have to wait for my answer?

We aim to respond to all questions within one business day. If you ask us a question on Friday or over the weekend for example, your answer would be provided no later than Monday afternoon. Our system uses real people, not automated databases meaning your question will be researched, checked and then answered.

Q: Is the service safe?

IMMagine New Zealand uses the latest in internet payment security protect, meaning that all of your details remain strictly confidential and safe. If you would like your account to be disable, and your details removed, please email us directly at

Q: Can I access the service overseas?

As long as you can access the internet and your email then you can access the service. Our website will work on almost all browser platforms and can be viewed on most handheld and smartphone devices. Your questions and answers are stored on our website, which means you can access the information anywhere, anytime.

Q: How can I trust the answers are correct?

Your question will be answered by one our licensed advisors, who have all been vetted by the New Zealand Government through the Immigration Advisors Authority to provide immigration advice. You are welcome to check each advisors credentials on our website or via the IAA official website

Q: What if I want to disable my account?

If you would like to disable account and remove your details, please email us at: 

Q: What type of question can I ask?

You can ask us anything related directly to the immigration process. However if your question is related to finding a job in New Zealand, shipping or any other peripheral subject area we will advise you accordingly. A lot of this information can also be found on our website.

Q: Tips to help you ask the right question?

As long as your question is immigration related, odds are we can answer it. It is however important to remember that your questions need to be specific enough for us to be able to provide a single answer. For example, open-ended questions like "Am I eligible to apply for Residence?" require too much additional information for us to be able to answer in one attempt.  

A question like "Do I need to provide a medical certificate for a one year Work Visa?" can be answered straight away. 

If we feel that your question is too vague or not specific enough to answer directly we will ask you to refine the question up to a maximum of three times. If we are still unable to answer the question we may direct you to our more comprehensive assessment process (fees apply). We also reserve the right to charge you the single question fee, if you are unable to refine your answer within three attempts. 

Example questions we can answer:

  • "Can I obtain a Work Visa after completing a qualification in NZ?"
  • "Does my partner need to complete a sponsorship form?"
  • "I need to file a Work Visa application - which forms do I need?"
Example questions that need to be refined:
  • "Is my brother eligible for Residence?"
  • "Can I sponsor my parents to come and live in New Zealand?"
  • "What do I need to do apply under the Skilled Migrant Category?"

Q: Why do I get only three chances to re-phrase my question?

Because we only charge a small amount for providing this service we have to place a limit on the number of chances you are given to refine your question. To help you phrase your question correctly, we have listed some examples in another FAQ. Each time we need to refine your question we will provide you with tips to help you get the answer you are looking for.

Q: What if you can't answer my question?

In some cases we may not be able to answer your question immediately, usually because the question has not been made specific enough for us to resolve. In this instance we will give you three attempts to refine the question in an attempt to answer it.

If we believe your question is better answered by completing a full assessment with IMMagine New Zealand we will advise you accordingly, and you will have the option of completing this assessment by email.