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Our seminars cover the essentials of what a move to New Zealand or Australia would involve

With their developed economies, established democracies and similarly dependable infrastructure, both Australia and New Zealand offer plenty of opportunities for the dedicated and eligible migrant. 

Since all the best journeys taken begin by gathering as much accurate information as possible, IMMagine offers potential migrants a 90 minute insight into our company, our countries and what’s involved in getting there through our regular free seminars and full, private eligibility assessments for those of you serious about emigrating.

Providing a starting point

If you’ve just started thinking about moving to either Australia or New Zealand, we regularly present free seminars in your city covering the most basic ‘need-to-know’ information, with an introduction to life in both countries, what our company is about and the services we provide as well as an overview of the visa processes.

If you’re serious about taking the next step

IMMagine offers a paid, private and personal assessment to confirm your personal eligibility, bookable for one of the days following the seminar. Once we have an understanding of your personal situation, our licensed and experienced advisers will help you to establish your eligibility as well as the costs, timeline and strategy for migration to either country. You can pre-book your eligibility assessment at the same time as you submit your seminar registration form below, or you can make an appointment at the end of the seminar subject to places being available. (Cost applies for Private Eligibility Assessments)

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