Helping U Manage (HuM) does just that - it helps you manage your move online.

With our 30+ years experience in the industry, IMMagine felt perfectly placed to develop the best and most comprehensive online system called HuM (Helping U Manage) which was built to help you manage your relocation and application process online in collaboration with your personal advisor and our IMMagine support team. Just a few of HuM’s features include:

  • Upload application documents for your consultant to view, rather than having to email them as attachments. You will also be able to access these online at any time.
  • Create your own online storage folders for uploading any documents you may want to access remotely during your application process.
  • Use the joint calendar reminder function to set reminders for important dates and events.
  • Write and store your own notes.
  • View information relating to your application as the process unfolds.
  • Trust that your notes, documents, applications and details are stored securely and only accessible by you & your consultant/s or administrative staff.

HuM is available to all of our clients as part of the service we provide and we do not charge any additional fees for this service.