All IMMagine New Zealand Immigration consulting staff are fully compliant with the Immigration Advisers Act 2007

All IMMagine NZ consulting staff are compliant with the Immigration Advisers Act of 2007

Individuals, and not companies, are licensed under the Government's regulatory system. Since May 2010, all advisers not exempt must be licensed, regardless of where they are based. The only advice that can be offered in respect of visas or permits by the unlicensed or those exempt is that which is "publicly available".

All licensed advisor's are required to adhere to a strict set of guidelines in regards to how we provide advice, manage our business and deal with the various immigration authorities. These guidelines are covered by the industry. View Code of Conduct.

For your own protection, do not work with anyone who is not licensed or working under the supervision of someone who is. If you would like to know more about the licensing regime, please visit the IAA official website which is the government's regulatory body. You can also find our details under the adviser register or visit our team page to see each of our individual licensed advisor profiles.

Providing immigration advice is a complex field that requires significant skill and experience in dealing with necessary legislation and operation policy manuals. IMMagine New Zealand was behind the introduction of the advisor licensing act and we fully supports it place in our industry.