how we help you settle in new zealand

At IMMagine we leave nothing to chance. 

We have a simple philosophy in business and life -­ we will treat you as would like you to treat us if we were in your position. And with staff from all over the world, some of us have been in your position! Since our reputation is built on referrals, we believe this philosophy has stood the test of time.

IMMagine provides the following services to our clients:

  • An in-depth personal consultation, Skype consultation or written assessment of your eligibility for the temporary or permanent visa/s or permit/s that you are seeking. Based on the information you provide us, we put together a roadmap for your journey into New Zealand.
  • Assistance and advice in the preparation, lodging and processing of your temporary or permanent visa application/s.
  • Use of our online process management system called HuM developed by IMMagine. More and more visas are filed and processed electronically so we've developed this software program that is simple to use and intuitive in managing the unique migration process.
  • Opening bank accounts on your behalf if required.
  • Information on the climate and weather, schools and tertiary education, employment, health services, taxation, cost of living, sport and sporting facilities, music and culture through our free seminars.

We also sign all of our clients up to our weekly email from our blog, Southern Man with updates on political, economic, national and community developments as well as opinion-pieces from the perspective of our Managing Director, Iain MacLeod.

While we stress that we are not recruiters, living in New Zealand does give us some insight into the job market which we will share with you. Where possible we will give you advice on your best course of action to take to secure employment in New Zealand, or put you in touch with any relevant contacts we may have.

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